PMD Small Magnetic Coupling Type

RoHS compliant product Model Numbers

PMD-643B2F (P) PMD-643B2V PMD-1561B2F (P) PMD-0531B2B2 PMD-371B2B (M) PMD-371B2C (M) PMD-421B2E (M) PMD- (P) PMD - 2573 A 2 F (PM) PMD - 2573 A 2 W PMD - 2573 B 2 F (P) PMD - 2573 B 2 W PMD - 2573 B 2 F (P) PMD - 1563 B 2 F PMD - 1563 B 2 F PMD - -4033 A 2 X PMD-4033 B 2 X PMD-7533 A 2 X-E 3 PMD-7533 B 2 X-E 3

A = For 50 Hz B = 60 Hz

※ The last letter of the model name () is the bore screw type

* B can be used for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz

PMH magnet coupling type

RoHS compliant product

PMH-0531B2B PMH-1511B2E(M) PMH-513B2E(M)

A = For 50 Hz B = 60 Hz

PMX Magnetic Coupling Type

RoHS compliant product



● High performance and energy saving

Improved pump efficiency by 35% compared with conventional products.  It became smaller and lighter, And be reduced by 5 db by noise and reduced vibration by 50%.

● Long service life No liquid leakage

The magnet pump is a pump without a shaft sealing part. There is no concern of liquid leakage at all, since it is made of resin, it is suitable for transporting highly corrosive special liquids, from small models to large models for industrial processes, it has been active in a wide range of fields with its excellent performance and abundant models

● Completely expel liquid leakage

It is a sealless pump by a magnet coupling system. There is no liquid leakage and corrosion of the pump part, there is no trouble of dirt around the pump and exchange of the mechanical seal. It is the optimum pump for incorporating equipment.


● Union for PVC piping as standard equipment

We attached a dedicated union fitting for screw connection type. (13A, 16A can be connected to the pump orifice 3/4B, 20A can be connected to the pump bore size 1B. Heat-resistant temperature 0°C. to 60°C.) Since O-rings with high sealing effect are used, pumps and piping can be detached easily Maintenance can be done easily.


● Cooling water circulation ・ Seawater circulation ・ Circulation of chemical liquids (excluding some)

● For various machine sets ・ Pens and seawater plants

● Hydroponic cultivation ・ plant factory

Corrosion resistance table

Fluid Indication
Sodium hypochlorite Concentration up to 5 ppm
caustic soda Concentration up to 5%
hydrochloric acid Up to 30% concentration
Sulfuric acid Up to 10% concentration
citric acid Concentration up to 15%

* The above corrosion resistance table is a standard when the fluid temperature is normal temperature (0 to 40 ° C).


※ About Chemical Resistance

 Regarding chemical resistance, please use it before checking whether it is suitable for the purpose of use, such as conducting a test beforehand. 
* When using cold water, if necessary, please use heat insulation material / insulation material and dew condensation countermeasure.

Appearance of caliber (last letter of model name)

hose screw Flange
symbol B C E F J K M P V W X Z
Caliber 14 A (mm) 17 A (mm) 20 A (mm) 26.5 A (mm) 3 / 8B 1 / 2B 3 / 4B 1 B 20 A 25 A 40 A 50 A × 40 A

Appearance of model name

① Magnet pump ② Motor nominal output (display × 10 W) 
③ Series number ④ Number of phase of power supply Voltage 1: Single phase 100 V 3: Three phase 200 V 
⑤ Power frequency A: 50 Hz B: 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz 
⑥ Material of water contact part (Note 1) 
⑦ caliber C: 17 A hose

(Note 1) Material of the water contact part

Part name and its material
Component name classification 2
Casing Impeller Pump Shaft Thrust Accept Pump Bearing O Ring Filler filled polypropylene filler filled polypropylene ceramic ceramic teflon fluoro rubber

(Note 2) Standard specifications are based on the following specifications

* There are no phase flanges for PMD - 641 B 2 V, PMD - 643 B 2 V, PMD - 1561 B 2 V, PMD - 1563 B 2 V, PMD - 2571 A 2 W, PMD - 2571 B 2 W, PMD - 2573 A 2 W, PMD - 2573 B 2 W. Please arrange the customer JIS 10K flange on the market.



Exploded view

Dimensional drawing